Walton on Thames Planning 7 to 9 Ashley Road

A recent planning application has caught our attention on the La Dolce Vita (previously Zio’s) restaurant site – 7 to 9 Ashley Road.

The development is to follow the demolition of a former public house at the site (currently host to a restaurant known as ‘La Dolce Vita’) and No7 Ashley Road. Following the demolition of the existing building:

The proposed housing will consist of 12 x 1 bed flats/apartments and 6 x 2 bedroom flats/apartments and will be 4 storeys high.

The planning application description is:

“Demolition of No.s 7 & 9 Ashley Road and erection of 18 apartments with ground floor retail (A1 to A5) and associated parking”

The ‘associated parking’ comment is an interesting one.

For the 18 apartments and retail unit there will be 6 car parking spaces – (and 18 cycle spaces).

The proposed development location

Apart from the clear and obvious parking issue it must be noted that this development is right opposite Ashley School.

What will be the impact on air quality during the demolition phase?

We foresee traffic chaos caused by the flow of construction vehicles both during the demolition phase and the construction, vehicles which will stop to drop off materials and collect waste.

Blocking the road at what is already a pinch point and reducing the already limited parking options at school drop off and pick up.

What does it look like?

As you would expect from a development proposal demolishing very old buildings the landscape will be very different.

This is the current vs the proposed view as approached from the south with the Elmbridge Community Hub on the right:

And the view as if standing at Ashley School (before and after):

We should also mention that Elmbridge Borough Council are due to receive the best part of £130,000 as part of their Community Infrastructure Levy should they approve this application.

If you would like to review all of the accompanying documentation you can see the complete application here:

Elmbridge Council Planning 2019/1196 

The application is open for comments till the 12th of July – you can jump straight to the Comments section here

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