GoBoat Thames Ditton

Electric boat company GoBoat has opened a brand new location in the beautiful riverside village of Thames Ditton, Surrey.

The site is the fifth to launch in the UK - adding to sites in Canary Wharf, Paddington, Kingston and Birmingham.

GoBoat is the eco-friendly boating company on a mission to get more people on the UK’s waterways.

Visitors can charter their own fully-electric picnic boat to enjoy a unique and exciting experience with friends and family.

Groups of up to eight can board each boat and the experience is both dog and child friendly with life jackets and buoyancy aids provided.

No prior boating knowledge is necessary, with staff giving a full tutorial before setting sail.

The boats sail at a leisurely pace so you have plenty of time to take in the sights – such as the magnificent Hampton Court Palace.

Setting off from the boatyard on Summer Road opposite Thames Ditton Island, you have the choice of a one-, two- or three-hour trip to explore a beautiful section of the Thames from Molesey Lock all the way to Teddington.

Like all GoBoat’s locations, at Thames Ditton the boats are powered by an almost silent electric motor, making it the ideal spot to catch up with loved ones, relax and unwind whilst floating down the scenic and calming waterways and see the local wildlife - from swans and ducks to herons and kingfishers.

No loud music is allowed on the boats, helping people connect with each other and their surroundings.

Each boat has seating around a central table creating a sociable space ideal for groups of friends, colleagues and families alike.

It makes a great date activity too - passengers are encouraged to bring their own picnic and GoBoat will provide cosy blankets if the weather turns chilly or umbrellas and ponchos if it rains.


Website: https://goboat.co.uk/

Email: ahoy@goboat.co.uk

Facebook:  @goboat
Insta: @goboat
TikTok: @goboat